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5 Reasons You Should Chose Us for
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We provide you translation and editing services strictly by natives or those with a full bilingual proficiency.

We are attentive and detail-oriented and strive to deliver top-notch work in the promised time.

We offer a quicker turn-out time than your average business and only work with experts in the field .

We are familiar with journal publishing and can guide you in the process.

We are educated abroad and have mastery over the full scope over its academic education system and are dedicated to assist in mapping out and understanding your academic goals.

Academic Consulting

Embark upon your intended academic goals with our experienced, cost-worthy, and comprehensive consultations.

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 Content Creation

Showcase your business’s skills and potentials with a global language at an international level. 

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Acquire a meticulous and specialized edit to ensure a final text that is polished and presentable.

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Translate your book, article, or documents for personal use or publication with our linguist experts.

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Break language limitations with translation

Language should never be a barrier but should serve as a bridge to another world of communication and knowledge.Vajeh has gathered expert translators to assist in the deliverance of your formal letters, research, or ideas. You can be certain that your translations will be at the highest standards and absent of error. Vajeh stands by its ethics and will never deliver a document that lacks its intended concept and meaning. What makes Vajeh unique is that our translation packages encompass a final review by one of our expert editors prior to its deliverance. With our specialist team we can provide translations in various languages.

Two-in-one Service

Once your document has been translated, one of our native top editors will oversee the translated text to ensure that it is free of translation errors. 

Native Speakers

Our language translators are well-educated and experienced and have full mastery over the art of language comprehension and localization.

Submit Your Project With Us


Let us know your needs and instructions and we will take care of the rest!

Entry into a valuable and prestigious program can serve as a gateway to personal success and recognition. It is vital to apply to programs suitable to your needs and ones that will be useful towards your future goals and orientations. Our expert advisor will guide you step by step in creating an appropriate university list and assist in the necessary document preparation steps and drafting. In case you experience doubt over your decision to study abroad, we are always here to help with our 10-minute free academic consultations.

Customized Packages

Vajeh offers customizable packages catered to each individual’s needs alongside two service packages in order to provide the rightful decisions in the field of education

Post-Admissions Guidance

Customer support and consulting is available up until the first semester of your university program. 

Our customers are important to us and that is why we have selected editors who are natives or possess a native proficiency in their language. A typo or misusage of a single word can throw an entire document out of balance which ultimately, has detrimental and harsh results. We offer quality and professional service with a fast turn-around in editing and proofreading texts in your mother tongue or ones that are in your second or third language. Writing is already a challenge to itself, but it even gets more difficult when a document has to be composed in a language that is foreign and out of your comfort level. Our team is here to help you vocalize your thoughts clearly and lucidly.

Saving Time and Resources

we will edit all your important documents and content in order to ensure your ideas to be expressed in a piercing manner without losing time or human resources.

Aspiring to Get You Published

 Our best editors will handle your article or research to ensure that everything is top-notch and ready for publication.

We believe that words have the power to move mountains and we are here to prove it! Our team is happy to accept content creation projects in any field. Our team members are talented, creative, and most importantly knowledgeable and natives in the English tongue. We will compose precise and yet exciting material for your usage with an infinite round of revisions. We have a strict customer satisfaction policy and will be available until your final goal is reached.

Unique Content

Each content project is distinctive and exclusive and you will never have to worry about reuse, plagiarism, or copyright issues with our team.  

International Recognition

With the usage of the English language, not only are you globalizing your brand and expanding it to customers and users worldwide, 



Nur Sokhan Publication


I began working with my Master’s applications with Vajeh’s academic consulting. My consultant helped in my statement and made sure it was to the point and provoking. The most useful part of my consulting was the key questions that were pointed out to during writing my statement. Happy to say that I got accepted into Yale’s fine arts program!

Sara Mahmoudi 


We got to work with the founder of Vajeh for English translation services. Her translations were without error and excellent. She’s completely qualified and professional. Wish her and Vajeh all the best.

Program Producer of SophiaRadio Goft-o-Goo


We worked with Vajeh for a international conference  hosted in Tehran.  Vajeh produced a welcome speech and introduction about our business in English for our audience members and was even kind enough to come present it. It was wonderful, thank you.

 Verona Interior Design


I wanted to send my scientific article for publication to an international journal and used Vajeh’s editing service. I was very happy with the edits and comments which helped in understanding my mistakes. 

Barbod Alizadeh


I needed a quick delivery of a translation of an Arabic business document. Vajeh helped me right away and sent my document perfectly. 

Hasan Partovi


We worked with Vajeh in content creation. The assigned content writer helped us with business blog posts, social media content, and website content. On-time submissions and dedication.

Madin Trade Group


I requested a private business communication and email workshop for my staff. Important formats and tips were given. Thank you

Faraz Machine Company

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I cancel my order?
We ensure the quickest turnarounds in the business, and due to this, we will offer a full-refund in the event that you cancel your order 8 hours post file submission. After the 8-hour mark, you will be able to receive a 50% return.
What if my document requires a revision?
This depends on your service package. Send us a message on your user portal and let us know of the changes that need to be made. If you have selected a service that is inclusive of revisions it will be happily done free of charge. In all other cases a small fee will be charged for the service.
Does the delivery time frame impact my quote?
We work with your budgets and that is why we’ve designed our cost-calculations in accordance to the turn-around period. We offer discounts on documents that do not require quick deliveries. The same quality editors and translators will be working on your project but with a lower rate.

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