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Academic Consulting

Vajeh’s  academic consultation services are provided by an experienced specialist in the field of academic admissions. We are here to assist in your entire university application process. The most important factor in any admissions is the appropriate selection for your academic interests and the ability to uniquely present yourself to application reviewers. Vajeh offers customizable packages catered to each individual’s needs alongside two service packages in order to provide the rightful decisions in the field of education. Vajeh serves to present you as a valuable candidate to universities and your field of research at large.

Vajeh’s academic consultant will lead you towards your desired ambitions  and will direct you in its attainment. In case you experience doubt over your decision to study abroad, we are always here to help with our 30-minute free academic consultations.

We believe in the maintenance of a durable and strong customer relationship and that is why we are with you from the early steps of your application process all the way to the completion of your first semester in your university. We’ve walked the path and know the ins and outs of the admission process and the worry or concern that an entry to a novel program might entail. We won’t leave you stranded in the confusion of class selection and other relevant questions, but will be able to guide you via Skype in the rise of any issue. Whatever it is, Vajeh is here to help. We work towards  your success and accomplishment.

Entry into a valuable and prestigious program can serve as a gateway to personal success and recognition. It is vital to apply to programs suitable to your needs and ones that will be useful towards your future goals and orientations. Our expert advisor will guide you step by step in creating an appropriate university list and assist in the necessary document preparation steps and drafting.

    What will our expert academic advisor offer?
    • Provide world university rankings
    • Offer academic testing guidelines
    • Give a detailed overview of each university’s programs
    • Assist in document creation based on the ‘academic word list’
    • Academic CV
    • academic cover letter
    • recommendation letter
    • writing sample
    • personal statement

    We offer a comprehensive and standard package depending on the amount of assistance you need in crafting your application and acquiring admittance. In both package types, customer support is available up until the first semester of your university program. Our of academic consulting is offered for universities in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. Our dedicated academic advisor will be able to answer all your questions ad provide a thorough guideline for the steps that need to be taken.

    What type of documents are needed for my application?

    This all depends on the program and university you are applying for. For instance, architecture and art schools generally require a portfolio whereas areas of studies in the humanities require writing samples. Required documents may include:

    • academic transcripts
    • proof of language proficiency
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Recommendation or References
    • Academic C.V
    • Recent bank statement

    Contact us to set a meet and greet with our esteemed academic consultant prior to making a decision in purchasing any of our academic consulting packages. You won’t regret it!

    Silver Service

    • RDetailed discussion about academic interests
    • RMap suitable countries and cities based on personal preferences
    • RAssist in statement writing and revision
    • RAssist in resume structure and revision

    Gold Service

    • RDetailed discussion about academic interests
    • RMap suitable countries and cities based on personal preferences
    • RProvide guidance on manner of communication between faculty members of desired universities
    • RAssist in statement writing and revision
    • RAssist in financial aid applications
    • RAssist in application process
    • RAssist in resume structure and revision