Our editors are composed of proficient natives and we guarantee quality and precise results. We offer various editing services depending on your needs. Keep in mind that proofreading is best for documents that have already received at least one round of editing and revision. A complete revision will be necessary in the instance that you require guidance on sentence structure, wording, tone, and organization.


Our customers are important to us and that is why we have selected editors who are natives or possess a native proficiency in their language. A typo or misusage of a single word can throw an entire document out of balance which ultimately, has detrimental and harsh results. We offer quality and professional service with a fast turn-around in editing and proofreading texts in your mother tongue or ones that are in your second or third language. Writing is already a challenge to itself, but it even gets more difficult when a document has to be composed in a language that is foreign and out of your comfort level. Our team is here to help you vocalize your thoughts clearly and lucidly.

Why use academic editing?

Professional journal submissions are often a challenge. At times, an article or essay might be well-researched and novel yet lack the required writing style. This is where academic editing can aid in achieving your desired goals and demonstrating your potentials. Vajeh also carefully formats your citations and references and assists in paraphrasing to avoid lengthy quote usages.


We will provide your work with clarity, tone, and organization in order for it to adequately demonstrate its potential and worth. We will be your guiding hand in processing lucid thoughts and arguments. We will omit errors and deliver a coherent, organized, and precise document that will enhance your chances of submission approvals. Our team values your improvement and will provide noteworthy comments for each and every edit.

Why use business editing?

We all know how dangerous a faulty document can be in the corporate world. A minor error can result in damaging consequences and should be in careful consideration. Let your staff members continue with their daily tasks and allow us provide you with the expert proofreading and editing services of your needs. Our team will deliver a precise document free from typos, grammatical mistakes, and lengthy jargons. We offer quick turnarounds and will work with your schedule to meet any urgent demands.

English as a Second Language

  • Two-rounds of editing
  • Typos and grammar errors corrected
  • Track changes activated for learning purposes
  • Constructive comments for document improvement
  • A summary of the overall changes to the paper

Comprehensive Revision

  • Single round of editing
  • Typos, grammar, tone, organization corrected
  • Track changes
  • Suggestions for improvement on clarity and structure
  • Resubmission and reviewal option


  • single round of editing
  • typos and grammar errors corrected
  • track changes
  • comments for any remaining issues

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