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 We provide you translation and editing services strictly by natives or those with a full bilingual proficiency.

 We are attentive and detail-oriented and strive to deliver top-notch work in the promised time.

 We offer a quicker turn-out time than your average business and only work with experts in the field .

 We are familiar with journal publishing and can guide you in the process.

 We are educated abroad and have mastery over the full scope over its academic education system and are dedicated to assist in mapping out and understanding your academic goals.

Content Creation

Academic Advice for universities in the U.S

Entry into a valuable and prestigious program can serve as a gateway to personal success and recognition. It is vital to apply to programs suitable to your needs and ones that will be useful towards your future goals and orientations. Our expert advisor will guide you step by step in creating an appropriate university list and assist in the necessary document preparation steps and drafting.

“Vajeh” is designed to provide the best services in the field of editing, translation, study abroad counseling and content production in English.

I began working with my Master’s applications with Vajeh’s academic consulting. My consultant helped in my statement and made sure it was to the point and provoking. The most useful part of my consulting was the key questions that were pointed out to during writing my statement. Happy to say that I got accepted into Yale’s fine arts program!

Sara Mahmoudi

We worked with Vajeh in content creation. The assigned content writer helped us with business blog posts, social media content, and website content. On-time submissions and dedication.

Madin Trade Group

I requested a private business communication and email workshop for my staff. Important formats and tips were given. Thank you

Faraz Machine Company

I needed a quick delivery of a translation of an Arabic business document. Vajeh helped me right away and sent my document perfectly.

Hasan Partovi

I, the director of the publication house, have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Kaviani in the editing of the English translation of Pearls of Speech by Dr. Gholamhossein Ebrahimi Dinani, in addition to the translation of the introduction of Oriential Sufism, Dr. Dinani’s commentary on Nasafi’s work. Ms. Kaviani’s work standards are remarkable and it has not only been an honor working with her but a source of credibility for our publications.

Nur Sokhan Publications

We got to work with the founder of Vajeh for English translation services. Her translations were without error and excellent. She’s completely qualified and professional. Wish her and Vajeh all the best.

Program Producer of Sophia, Radio Goft-o-Goo

We worked with Vajeh for a international conference  hosted in Tehran.  Vajeh produced a welcome speech and introduction about our business in English for our audience members and was even kind enough to come present it. It was wonderful, thank you.

Verona Interior Design

I wanted to send my scientific article for publication to an international journal and used Vajeh’s editing service. I was very happy with the edits and comments which helped in understanding my mistakes.

Barbod Alizadeh