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Thanks for visiting https://www.vajeh.org (“Site”), a property of Vajeh Afarin Shiva Group (“Us”, “We”, “Our”). In the event that you visit, use, or purchase any of  the Site’s services such as editing, translation, content creation, or academic consulting, you will be subject to following the stated conditions. Please review the following terms carefully.

Electronic Communications

You understand that you are by using our site, purchasing services, or contacting us by email, you are communicating electronically. This means that we will communicate by email or notifications on the Site. All forms of writing, agreements, notices, and others provided electronically is in satisfaction of any legal requirement that needs to be performed in writing.  

Site Access

The Site belongs to Vajeh Afarin Shiva Group and by no means do you have the right to download, or modify any part or portion of the Site content, whether stated by written consent of Vajeh Afarin Shiva Group. You are unable to perform any resale or commercial use of the Site, its content, services, descriptions, prices, or any other type of information. You may not copy, reproduce, sell, reform, or remake any text, image, logo, or trademark on this Site without prior written consent.  


This site is owned and operated by Vajeh Afarin Shiva Group and is protected by trademark and copyright laws. You are unable to reproduce, alter, duplicate, republish, upload, post, or distribute in any manner any of the material, whether text, code, or image, from this Site.   Any author or business material submission to Vajeh Afarin Shiva Group will maintain copyright on the submitted material, and we do not reserve any right for its credit, acknowledgement, or ownership.   All material submitted to businesses or individuals pertaining to content creation, production, or writing will be strictly distinctive and in par with copyright laws and will not be reused, republished, or duplicated.  


We have the right to refuse or deny any submissions or projects on the basis of its content or any reason on its sole discretion. Vajeh Afarin Shiva takes no responsibility and liability for the premise of any material submission by you or any third party.   We provide guidance on writing changes that might be of use to your submitted material. Therefore, we do not take any responsibility in material that has been considered as finished work. The responsibility of completed services are entirely upon you or any third party who has submitted the material.   You are solely responsible for downloading and storing your documents whether you have decided to receive it your account on the Site or by e-mail.  


Vajeh Afarin Shiva Group has created set prices on the Site and services need to be purchased and paid for upfront without the initiation of any service. In the instance that you are unable to make your payment, we reserve the right to not accept or commence your service request. All payment is due on the invoice date and in the instance that a service is enrolled in a payment plan, the completed material will not be submitted unless the full sum of the payment is submitted by you or a third party. Cancellation of an order post the stated 8-hour period may result in cancellation fees depending on the amount of work that has been performed on the document.   In the event of submitting material by word count, you are responsible for providing accurate information  in regards to the word count of your document and any other relevant information that might be needed. In the case of an error in the word count or service description,  you are obligated to pay any additional fees within 3 days of the given notice. In the case of overpayments, we will issue a refund within 2 business days.  


We are not obligated to refund the purchase fee of any service under any circumstance unless in full agreement by Vajeh Afarin Shiva Group. In the instance that you have a refund request, we will carefully review your case and let you know if a refund is a considerable option. In the instance that a refund has been granted, the funds will be returned in the original payment method within 5 business days.  


In the case that you do not provide us with accurate information or lack in prompt response, we cannot be held responsible for any delays in delivering your service.   If you decide on creating an account on the Site, you are responsible for protecting your information and any activity on your account. You are obligated to download your documents immediately after the service has been delivered and by no means may you treat the Site you’re your document storage.   In case of any requested revisions, you are responsible for informing us within 24 hours of the material receival. We reserve the right to deny your request if revision requests are received past the stated time period.   You are solely eligible for receiving the services that you have purchased. We reserve the right to refuse service in the instance that your request exceeds that of the written service description on the Site or that which has been stated to you by means of electronic communication.  

Vajeh Afarin Shiva may change these terms from time to time without any prior notice. It is your responsibility to check the notice on the Site. These terms were last revised on July 1, 2020.  

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