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Vajeh has gathered expert translators to assist in the deliverance of your formal letters, research, or ideas. Language should never be a barrier but should serve as a bridge to another world of communication and knowledge. You can be certain that your translations will be at the highest standards and absent of error. Vajeh stands by its ethics and will never deliver a document that lacks its intended concept and meaning. What makes Vajeh unique is that our translation packages encompass a final review by one of our expert editors prior to its deliverance. With our specialist team we can provide translations in various languages.

Once your document has been translated, one of our native top editors will oversee the translated text to ensure that it is free of translation errors. Thus, you are receiving both a translation and editing service in one single service package! This is something that is not usually offered amongst competitive businesses, in which two separate charges are  calculated. Translation and localization is truly a form of art and one that needs to be mastered by translators. A word might have a certain dictionary definition , but might be of a different meaning in context. We are proud to say that our language translators are well-educated and experienced and have full mastery over the art of language comprehension and localization.


      What languages do we translate?

      • English to Persian
      • Persian to English
      • Arabic to English
      • Arabic to Persian
      • Persian to Arabic
      • French to Persian
      • Persian to French
      • French to English
      • Turkish to English



      What types of documents do we translate?

      • Academic articles
      • Independent research
      • Business documents
      • Legal documents
      • Financial documents
      • Transcripts
      • Personal texts

      What will you receive?

      • Translated document by a native
      • Edited by the top language editor in your stated language
      • Reviewal option

      If you require assistance with placing an order, simply contact us during our business hours or send us an email and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

      Why should you translate?
      Sometimes a translation project is merely for the purpose of business, educational, or legal matters.  Other times, it’s the vision to be head and recognized at a more diverse and global level. You are bringing a vaster brand awareness to your business when you decide on translating your business’s content into a second, third, or even forth language. As an academic, translating your articles will not only gain you popularity in another sphere but it will also be deemed as a contribution to the growth and prosperity of knowledge. Whether it’s a valuable corporate document, an academic research, or a unique book, Vajeh is ready to embark the road of awareness and knowledge production. After all, we believe that the more translations , the more connectivity and constructive reciprocity.
      How does it work?

      It’s easy! Just follow these steps if you wish to submit a file for translation:

      • Upload your file
      • State your information and instructions
      • Receive the delivery frame and quote
      • Make a payment
      • Receive your document
      • Request a revision
      • Provide feedback on your service
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